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Kogu Engineering has top-quality magnetic chucks designed for precision and durability. Our Delhi-based supplier offers a wide range of magnetic chucks suitable for various industrial applications. Get superior performance and excellent value with our premium magnetic chuck solutions. Reach out today to find the perfect magnetic chuck for your Industrial requirement.

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A magnetic chuck, also known as a magnetic chuck or magnetic plate, is a specialized tool used in machining and metalworking applications. It is designed to securely hold ferromagnetic workpieces during various machining operations, such as grinding, milling, drilling, and turning.

Key features of a Magnetic Chuck include:

1. Magnetic Surface: The top surface of the table is made of a magnetic material that creates a strong magnetic field. This magnetic force securely attracts and holds ferromagnetic materials, such as iron, steel, and other magnetic metals

2. Electromagnets or Permanent Magnets: Magnetic chuck can use either electromagnets or permanent magnets to generate the magnetic field. Electromagnetic tables can be switched on and off, providing greater control over the holding force, while permanent magnets have a fixed magnetic force.

3. Variable Holding Force: In the case of electromagnetic tables, the magnetic force can be adjusted to accommodate different workpiece sizes and shapes. This adjustability allows for precise and efficient workholding.

4. Uniform Magnetic Field: Magnetic chuck are designed to provide a uniform magnetic field across their entire surface. This ensures that the workpiece is held securely and evenly during machining operations, minimizing vibrations and improving machining accuracy.

5. Non-Magnetic Separator: Magnetic chuck often have a non-magnetic separator that helps separate and remove small metal debris or swarf generated during machining. This prevents the debris from interfering with the magnetic holding force.

6. Electrical Connections: Electromagnetic chuck require electrical connections to power the electromagnets. Proper wiring and controls allow the operator to activate or deactivate the magnetic force as needed.

7. Workpiece Clamping: Magnetic chuck eliminate the need for traditional clamping methods like vises or fixtures. Instead, the workpiece is simply placed on the magnetic surface, and the magnetic force holds it securely in place.

8. Versatility: Magnetic chuck are versatile tools suitable for a wide range of machining operations and workpiece shapes, including flat, round, and irregular shapes.

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